HSR: What can I do to help?

The California High Speed Rail Authority’s Board of Directors will meet in March to finalize the train route options for which it will perform environmental impact studies, so we must act now!

  1. Attend community meetings. Scheduled meetings are listed on the Scheduled Meetings Page. Even if you don’t speak English well, your presence counts! The key is to get as many of us there as possible to these meetings. The more people who show up, the stronger we will be — and everyone will know we mean business. Bring the family!
  2. Call, email, or write your elected representatives. Tell them why they should oppose the project and block its funding:
    1. State Assemblyman Mike Eng (626) 450-6116
    2. State Senator Gil Cedillo (213) 612-9566
    3. US House of Representative Adam Schiff (626) 304-2727
    4. US Senators Barbara Boxer (213) 894-5000 & Diane Feinstein (310) 914-7300

    If you do not live in Alhambra, visit the Secretary of State web site: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_r.htm

  3. Spread the word. Print out and distribute a flyer. Tell your friends, neighbors, parents, and relatives about how this plan is going to destroy our neighborhoods and negatively impact our local schools (and likely their great reputations). This will affect all the cities along the I-10 corridor, including Monterey Park, Rosemead, and San Gabriel. Urge everyone to show up to the meetings (even if they don’t speak English). Urge them to contact their government representatives.  If you have bilingual language skills, translate information about the train to people who need to know but who don’t read or speak English.
  4. Stay informed and stay connected!
    1. Check this blog often. Subscribe in the top right corner to receive new posts by email or for RSS feeds. We are your neighbors and set up this blog to keep everyone informed. You can subscribe to be sent email when new posts are made. Clearly, the Authority has little interest in keeping us informed. It took months to update its web site to even state that the I-10 west of the 605 is now an alternative route. And it has not provided noise maps or other information that would truly inform us about the impacts on our neighborhoods.
    2. Join the Yahoo! Group – Send email to: alhambra123-subscribe@yahoogroups.com – Or go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alhambra123/
  5. Provide Legal Expertise. At the end of the day, this will likely be won in the courts, both in the courts of public opinion and law. We are working on winning in the court of public opinion but will need help evaluating all the legal documents and processes required by CEQA and NEPA.  It will also be helpful for someone to create a post that explains the CEQA and NEPA processes since most of the community has little understanding the when, why, and how of the Authority’s actions.

United we stand! Together we will save our neighborhoods!

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