Calling volunteers! Help inform El Monte.

Calling volunteers! Help inform El Monte residents that the Rail Authority plans to cut through residential neighborhoods of their city and take a large swath of homes in the process. Residents were notified about meetings but not told why it is important to attend the meetings. The goal is to make sure people can speak up now to voice their concerns while there is time.

Join a small group passing out flyers in the affected neighborhoods this coming Saturday morning. If you want to get involved, call Bruce & Sylvia: (626) 280-7225. If you can’t make it on Saturday, tell folks you know in El Monte and give them the following flyer. It is two sided. One side has information intended to get people to the meetings the second side has a map. (Google Docs)(PDF)

The map in the flyer is a reproduction of the map provided by the Rail Authority in its Preliminary Alternative Analysis report for the Los Angeles to San Diego high speed rail line (pg 3-47 | pg. 70 in the PDF).
el monte station

Here is a better shot of the reproduction for your computer. This map overlay shows (1) 1,000 foot long set of 4 tracks and platform (dark green); and (2) 6,000 feet of additional 4 tracks to allow express trains to bypass the station (purple). If a station is not in El Monte, then only two sets of tracks will be built. The area to the right of the proposed El Monte train station is a residential neighborhood, as indicated on the map on the Preliminary Alternatives Analysis report
El Monte2

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  1. In case you were looking for them, the two recent lawsuits brought against the CA High Speed Rail Authority, based on inadquate ridership projections, flawed EIR process under CEQA, etc. can be found here: 1. lawsuit filed 10/2/2010 pdf here:,%20complete.pdf and 2. The second lawsuit filed 4/25/2011 found here: and 3. first lawsuit brought by little town of Atherton, Menlo Park, Bay Rail Alliance, Transdef that won against CAHSR back in 2008 found here: And, Here’s the pdf link from Judge Kenny (Sacramento Superior Court) ordering California High Speed Rail to redo their EIR because they lost the 2008 lawsuit by Atherton/Menlo Park, and other parties (back in 10/2009):
    In the recent Peninsula lawsuit against the CAHSR, the group of citizens who sued (in addition to many cities) was called “Mid-Peninsula Residents for Civic Sanity”. The attorney representing the group is Stuart Flashman, 510 652-5373 – lawsuit filed 10/2/2010 pdf here:,%20complete.pdf
    And here’s article explaining the year-long delay to EIR/CEQA and HSR process due to HSR losing the first lawsuit against Atherton:

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