High Speed Rail Preliminary Alternatives Report for L.A. to San Diego — now available (part 2)

The Rail Authority published the Preliminary Alternatives Report for its proposed L.A. to San Diego line. Previously, it had announced that the report was ready but did not actually post it. I have not read it yet but intend to read it tomorrow and post an analysis on Wednesday. The Rail Authority Board will meet on Thursday in downtown L.A. to discuss and approve the report.

UPDATE: The report says exactly what we already expected. The routes along the I-10 freeway and SR-60 will continue to be studied, while the routes that use and run adjacent to the Union Pacific railroad are withdrawn and will not be studied. See: Routes to be dropped, 75 foot high viaducts, and budget woes

Preliminary Alternatives Analysis Report:

Use the controls to zoom or go to Google Docs to view. The most relevant section to Alhambra and its neighboring cities starts on page 34 of 122, then again on page 83 of 122, and finally 104 of 122.

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One thought on “High Speed Rail Preliminary Alternatives Report for L.A. to San Diego — now available (part 2)”

  1. If California built a Maglev train connection between LA and San Francisco you could travel from LA to SF in under two hours (a nonstop train would take 1H30M). A Maglev corridor could also be built right over freeways and interstate highways, not taking any other land than what is already used for the roads. Maglevs are also operating with much less sound pollution than regular high speed rail. Maglev also uses 30-40% less energy, are much cheaper to operate and maintain. A Maglev train grips the track making it virtually de-rail safe, important in earthquake areas. California should reject the regular high speed proposal that is on the table in favor the hyper modern Maglev technology.

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