Confirmed: No Funding for L.A. to San Diego High Speed Rail Project in State Budget

Governor Jerry Brown’s budget does not include funding during the 2011-2012 fiscal year for the L.A. to San Diego segment of the high speed rail project. See page 4 of the Entire High-Speed Rail Authority Budget (PDF)(Google Docs)(also embedded below).There is no money allocated under the 2011-12 column in the Summary of Projects table.


State Building Program Expenditures 2009-10 20010-11 2011-12
Major Projects
20.60 Los Angeles to Anaheim $- $11,085 $8,350
20.70.010 Los Angeles to San Diego $- $3,700 $-

This means that the Rail Authority will not have any money to allocate toward design, engineering, or outreach for the L.A. to San Diego segment of its project during the fiscal year 2011-2012. The new fiscal year begins July 1. In all likelihood, little will be done after the March 3 Rail Authority board meeting in which the staff/contractors will present the preliminary alternatives report. Rail Authority staff/contractors will need to spend time and money winding down the project to put it on hold and prepare information necessary for their successors to pick up the project where it is left off.

That said, the Rail Authority will eventually come back and attempt to complete the project. We need to work together as a community and a region to define what we want the corridor to look like in 2050 and give the Rail Authority direction on what alignment we consider appropriate. This is what I implored the Alhambra City Council to do on Monday.

Bottom Line:

  • The high speed rail project through the San Gabriel Valley is about to be put on hold due to the state budget.
  • We cannot sit on our hands waiting for the Rail Authority to return to restart its project. Instead, we need to proactively address the I-10 corridor and, as a region, give the Rail Authority direction on where and how its rail project can traverse the area.

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