Meeting Announcement: Board to vote on the Preliminary Alternatives Analysis Report — March, 3 2011 — save the date!

The Rail Authority Board will meet during its regularly scheduled board meeting on March 3, 2011 to make an initial decision as to whether it will complete environmental impact assessments for a route through Alhambra along the I-10 corridor.

During the meeting, the contractors responsible for for the LA to San Diego segment of the high speed rail network will present the Rail Authority Board with a report about the possible routes considered — Preliminary Alternatives Analysis Report. The Board will then presumably ask questions, provide comments, and vote on whether to ratify the report along with identifying any sections that continue to the next phase. For example, I expect the route using the Union Pacific right of way will be discarded because Union Pacific has stated in no uncertain terms will it cooperate and believes the state has no eminent domain authority to seize the land where it operates its railway.

After the meeting, assuming the board approves the route, the contractors will then go back and study the remaining alternative routes in a little bit closer detail and actually consider more how each remaining route might work beyond conceptually asking “how can we get express trains from LA to San Diego in an hour and twenty minutes?.”

A location is not set yet. Meetings normally occur in Sacramento but they have met at the MTA headquarters in the past. Along with other community members, I have requested the board meet in L.A. We will not know the location until a few weeks before the board meeting.

I got the following email a short while ago:

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I am pleased to inform you that the High Speed Rail Authority has scheduled the Board presentation of the Los Angeles to San Diego via the Inland Empire Section’s (LA-SD) Preliminary Alternatives Analysis Report for March 2011.

LA-SD has been working hard to take the section from the scoping phase to developing some very preliminary alternatives drawn on a map that are currently being discussed with stakeholders and city staff.  This change in schedule allows us to further refine our plans, and complete local community meetings that are incorporated into the Preliminary AA Report.  As we prepare for March, we do not want to lose any momentum and as the project progresses, your involvement will become more important as we work to begin our environmental and engineering work.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping to create a high-speed rail system that is fast, affordable and convenient for us and future generations.


Jose Martinez
LA-SD Regional Manager

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