Questions bedevil proposed California high-speed rail system – Pasadena Star-News

The Star News published an article on Friday highlighting some of the problems faced by the high speed rail system. Negative community reaction is only one problem identified. Julio Fuentes, Alhambra City Manager, told the paper the city is considering hiring additional legal help to oppose a route that cuts through Alhambra.

via Questions bedevil proposed California high-speed rail system – Pasadena Star-News.

“Alhambra held two public meetings this week during which residents lined up against the route, city manager Julio Fuentes said.

“The bottom line is, they don’t want it. They are not against high speed rail. They want to see it in the Southland, but when you look at the levels of housing and businesses along the 10 Freeway… basically they said this just isn’t the right place to put it,” Fuentes said.

Fuentes said the city only recently heard about a proposed route through the community.

“This thing is moving awful fast,” he said….

In the meantime, Alhambra officials are gathering the technical expertise they need to oppose the route, and are considering hiring additional legal help, if necessary, Fuentes said. Next week, the council will send a letter to the Rail Authority opposing the route.

“Sure, it’s good for the state, but depending on how it effects our neighborhoods, we’ll fight it,” Fuentes said.

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