Public Meeting: Alhambra Unified School Board Meeting on September 14, 2010

The California High Speed Rail Authority will give a presentation to the Alhambra Unified School District during the September 14, 2010 board meeting. Three schools are within one block of the freeway and will be directly affected: Mark Keppel High, Fremont Elementary, and Margarita Elementary.

At yesterday’s meeting at Fremont Elementary, the Authority’s PR contractor told the crowd that the Authority only has one presentation and it would not modify the presentation despite requests by the City Council to include information such as a noise map. So, it is probably safe to assume this will be the same presentation given the Alhambra City Council meeting on August 9 and at the community meeting at Fremont Elementary on August 12.

The presentation is open to the public and public comments occur at the end of the meeting. It is part of the regularly scheduled school board meeting. The agenda for the board meeting will be online the Friday before the meeting.

School starts on August 31. We will organize a campaign to inform students, parents, and teachers in the coming weeks about the presentation and the affects upon the schools and their students.

September 14, 2010:

  • Time: 6 PM
  • Location: Alhambra Unified School District Building – Board of Education 1515 W. Mission Road, Alhambra, CA 91803
  • High Speed Rail Authority Contact: Genoveva Arellano 909-627-2974
  • Alhambra Unified School District Contact: 626-943-3000
  • Source:

I confirmed this information with the district today, August 13, 2010.

Note: We now have a link above identifying all public meetings in the local area. Currently, the school board meeting is the only one we are aware. Let us know if you find out about another meeting.

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