We Are Not Alone

The High Speed Rail Authority is currently in the final stages of its plans for Phase I of its system. Cities and residents of the San Francisco Peninsula have been fighting the Authority for a few years now to consider their needs and concerns.

Peninsula high-speed rail track plans unveiled – San Jose Mercury News.

It became clearer Thursday that the state’s high-speed train will run above ground in the Peninsula and South Bay — including on so-called “Berlin Walls” that some cities fear will divide their communities and demolish homes and businesses.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority, at a packed board meeting in San Francisco, unveiled its most detailed engineering plan yet for the section of the $43 billion rail line that will run along the Caltrain tracks on the way to Southern California.

Some of the cities along the line will receive aboveground tracks, either next to the existing Caltrain tracks or on structures similar to freeway overpasses. These cities include South San Francisco, San Bruno, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City and San Jose.

That segment through the Peninsula is part of Phase I. The Environmental Impact Report has not yet been completed and construction has not begun yet. The cities are still fighting it and at least two (Menlo Park and Atherton) have filed a lawsuit to block the project.

Bottom Line: The Authority is making enemies up and down the state and has been arrogant with how it has dealt with communities. We need to be vigilent and not back down against making sure our community is not mistreated.

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